We would like to introduce you to the “Monero Tea” project – a unique mobile teahouse which was founded by Tair, Veronika and Michal – a bunch of friends with a passion for quality tea, cryptocurrencies and technology.

However, teaing and crypting people is not just for fun – buying teas, tea utensils and travelling costs us some energy and money as well. You can support us through our BTCPay Server, and it is thanks to you that we can spread our crypto-tea signal to the outside world and beyond! You can look forward to seeing us on Privacy and Security Meetup in Paraleln√≠ Polis (24.10.2023) and Monero Tea Meetup in KoŇ°ice (28.10.2023).

What can you expect from us?

First and foremost, we offer a deep dive into the worlds of Monero and tea culture in the form of co-cultivation, training and hands-on “tastings” for beginners and advanced students alike. We will help you on your journey from buying your first tea and purchasing your first Monero to complex biohacking using specific tea strains or the technicalities of crypto-technology.

From the world of tea we offer:

  • How to get started with tea
  • Biohacking with tea (a bit of biology and chemistry)
  • Tastings and sales of premium organic teas
  • Lectures and workshops on the history, culture and philosophy of tea

From the world of Monero we offer:

  • How (and why) to use Monero and what wallets to use
  • How to get started with Monero
  • Hacking financial independence with Monero
  • Lectures and workshops on the history, culture and philosophy of Monero

Where to find us?

We are currently present at various cryptoevents (details in events section) and we are opening a physical space in the near future. We believe that by spreading information and education in the field of teas and Monero, we will contribute to a better understanding and acceptance of these unique technologies by the wider public.

Finally, contribution

Contribute to us with our lovely Monero via the QR code below, or via our BTCPay Server if you want to pay with a cryptocurrency other than Monero.

If you support our project with a larger amount, you will receive a unique tea set (minimum contribution of 499 EUR) or a rare opium pipe (minimum contribution of 999 EUR). In this case, we will arrange the subsequent handover or shipment of the item. Thank you very much in advance for your support!

Support us via XMR!

If you want to learn even more, don’t forget to visit our tea GitHub. We look forward to meeting you!

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