Through tea make friends!

From beginner to advanced, we’ve got you covered on your journey to tea and Monero mastery.

Tea Room

We don’t have a physical space yet, but we operate as a mobile tea room. Check out our events and the service we offer!


Although we are a tea startup and don’t have an eshop yet, you can purchase our premium organic teas at all our events!

Tea Github

Don’t have time to meet us in person? Check out our tea Github!

Our Services

World of Tea

  • How to get started with tea
  • Biohacking with tea (a bit of biology and chemistry)
  • Tastings and sales of premium organic teas
  • Lectures and workshops on the history, culture and philosophy of tea

World of Monero

  • How (and why) to use Monero and what wallets to use
  • How to get started with Monero
  • Hacking financial independence with Monero
  • Lectures and workshops on the history, culture and philosophy of Monero

Like our project?

Obviously, our social problems aren’t about a lack of science or information. We have so much information that huge computers can’t store it all, and you couldn’t learn even a fraction of it in a lifetime. Wisdom is what is needed. It isn’t new technology or information, but the proper application of the sciences and awakened, aware living that is the key to our prosperity, both personally and as a species. In other words, we need guidance to steer our research and the resulting technological innovation. And that should supersede the decision to create more or bigger, newer versions of the same.

Aaron Fisher, The Way of Tea

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